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What would happen if a 1859 Solar Storm hit today.

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What would happen if a 1859 Solar Storm hit today.

If a solar flare is powerful enough, the affects are felt on earth and could damage satellites in orbit and
systems on the ground, the most vulnerable of which is the electrical grid. During a solar storm, direct
electrical currents build up on transmission wires, and when the currents get strong enough they will trip
out circuits and destroy transformers, that transform voltage from a higher voltage usually to a lower
voltage. The most powerful solar storm of the last 200 years occurred in 1859, when electrical telegraph
wires shorted out in the US and Europe and caused widespread fires. If this were to happen today, it
would be catastrophic given our reliance on the interconnected electrical systems and systems of

Power would go out. The water pressure would gradually diminish and cease. Refrigerated foods would
go bad, phones and communication systems are down. Gasoline pumps down, heat and air conditioning
systems off. Banks and ATM machines are down. Food re-supply chains break down from lack of fuel.
The worst part is it could take many months to get the power back up depending on the number of
transformers that have melted from the solar radiation.

The challenge would be building new transformers and parts without immediate power! Manufacturing
plants would have to be outfitted with powerful generators in order to build what would be needed to
replace the destroyed transformers. It would be a slow process. People will begin dying off by the end
of the first week without water. Desperation will result in a rampage of crime with hoards searching for
food and water. A complete civil breakdown could take place with a mass migration out of the major

Prepare for power grid failure by stocking up with at least four weeks of food and water. Dont forget
about storing water, especially if you live in an environment where water is not accessible very near by.
Food and water storage is a basic first step that can save your life or help to save others. Good survival
techniques, including developing practical skills and securing supplies could save your life. s. The food
and water can always be used eventually, so the actual cost of being prepared can be comparatively low.
Thanks to Mitch Battros:


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